TV from internet, free

At this moment there are a lot of TV channels available from internet. Quality of the picture varies from weak to tolerable. Among them there are also several really good ones. You get the best picture quality when you connect the computer to a conventional (CRT) TV. Then you are close to VHS quality. A good way to do it is to connect computers S-VHS to televisions same connector. Scart adapters are available for S-VHS.

TVU player

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There are some popular English channels (also from US west coast) and rest of them are from the Far East, mostly from China. One of the most popular is the "Star Sports" which broadcasts a lot of sports in example Formula 1 races.  Download page for free the TVU player.


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Sopcast is my own favorite. Picture quality is fairly good and it broadcasts lot's of channels. Several channels for Sports as well.
Download Sopcast player from pages.

Televisiona works directly from a browser, you don't need install any client software. Excellent choice in situations when you can't or are not allowed to install any own programs.
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Other client program are: pplive, TVAnts, PPMate , VGO, TVKoo, Afreeca, PCast, ...